Friday, March 10, 2017

Sweet Makeup Look Tutorial

Hello beautiful. Today I'm going to show you how I do this eye makeup look. I seldom do this eye makeup ^^" I always apply just only white eye shadow around my eye lid and eyeliner, I seldom apply other eye shadow color. I want to try something new look, so here it is :) I think it suit me with my contact lens. Oh by the way, I not going to use eyebrow powder anymore now, I use eyebrow tattoo, new product from Korea. So I hope you guys love this tutorial, so let's get started.

You'll need:

1) Liquid Foundation (BB cream, bb cushion and etc also can)
2) Concealer 
3) Loose powder 
4) Compact powder
5) Eyebrow tattoo pen
6) Eyebrow mascara
7) Eye shadow 
8) Liquid eyeliner
9) Blusher
10) Lip stain

So let's start....

This is my look before apply makeup on :) Please take good care of your skin, follow this step about skin care link is [here]

Step 1,

Apply liquid foundation. . Click [here] look for my post "How to apply foundation"

Done :)

Step 2,

Apply concealer. Click [here] to look my post "How to apply concealer"

Blend well.

It's done. My dark circle and dark spots are gone.

Step 3,
Set your makeup by apply loose powder. Click [here] how I use loose powder.

Step 4,
It's not over yet. Only apply loose powder is not enough. You need to apply compact powder to all over your face and neck.

It's done.

Step 5,
Start to fill your eyebrow by eyebrow tattoo pen.

Create beginning of point.

Create your favorite eyebrow shape you like.

Do the same to the another eyebrow and it's done.

Step 6,
Apply eyebrow mascara (brown), because my hair is brown :)

Make sure your brows are brown ^^

Step 7,
Apply eye shadow all over your lid. I use yellow eye shadow color.

Don't forget apply on your lower eye lid too.

Next, apply orange eye shadow color on your eye lid, here the eye map at down below:

Next, apply dark brown eye shadow color on outer corner of your eyes, here the eye map at down below:

It's done :) Love it.

Step 8,

Apply pink eye shadow color on the center of your lower eye lid. here the eye map at down below:

It's done :) ok next. Please scroll down.

Step 9,
Use liquid eyeliner to create a line. Click [here] to look my other post "How I create eyeliner"

Oh yeah I look good with that :) Ok next...

Step 10,

Curl your lashes.

Step 11,

Apply mascara, I using brown mascara. Click [here] look for my other post "How to apply mascara".

Wait your lashes dry and curl again.

This is what my eyes looks like.

Just natural lashes. No need dramatic lashes. No fake lashes

Step 12,
Apply blusher. Click [here] to look my other post about "How I apply blusher"

Step 13,
Apply highlighter on your nose tip

Step 14,
Apply lip stain. Apply start with center of your inner lip like photo below.

And it's done.

I wearing 14.2mm contact lens :) And it very suit this look. Love it

Tips and advice:

- This look is suitable for mature and sweet look. Be careful while you pick your outfit, make sure your outfits are look mature and sweet.

- Be careful while apply lip stain. Just apply inner lip, not outer lip.

That's all for today :) I hope you guys love this makeup tutorial. I will do more as long as you guys support me. All the best and have a nice day to everyone :) See you in my next blog post. 

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