Saturday, February 18, 2017

How to skin care

Hello everyone. This post I want to show you how I usually take good care of my skin daily. Most importantly is eat healthy, drink more water. Less eat those spicy, oily fries food. Also, do not eat peanut, I scare of that, because my skin pop out many acne in the next morning and hard to cure. 

I wish I can have a good skin until I get old, and I wish you also have a good skin too like me. 

All you need:

1) Facial Cleanser
2) Facial scrub
3) Facial Mask
4) Toner
5) Eye Treatment Cream
6) Facial Essene
7) Sun screen

So let's start.

Step 1,
Clean you face with a clean water

Make sure clean all over your face. ( Avoid Eyes and lips)

Rinse off with clean water. Or wipe them off with a facial sponge like photo below

Step 2,
Remove dead skin on your face by facial scrub product. Avoid Eyes and lips.

After that rinse with clean water. And you will found out that your face is very clean and soft.

Step 3,
Make sure your skin get moisture. Please apply facial mask all over your face (Avoid eyes and lips) and wait for 10 minutes. (Do this twice a week)

Wipe it off by facial sponge.

Step 4, 
If you are oily skin, please pour some toner on a cotton and gently wipe on your face. (Avoid Eyes and lips). If you are dry skin, pour some toner on your hand palm and gently apply on your face. Make sure they all absorb.

Step 5,
Apply eye treament under your eyes. To prevent dark circle, dark spot and wrinkles.

Step 6, 
Apply essence on your face

Step 7,
Lastly, apply sun screen on your face.

It's done :)


- While scrub your face, do not leave it on your skin longer. Please rinse off with clean water quickly.
- If you use facial sponge like me. Please make sure your sponge is clean. Wash them daily. Put it intro a empty container to protect it from bacteria. 
- Do not use facial mask everyday. Please use facial mask twice a week.
- To protect your skin from sun, prevent for those dark spot on your skin. Please apply sun screen everyday before leave your house. 

That's all for today. I hope my post is useful and helpful to your guys. Stay pretty :)

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