Saturday, February 18, 2017

How to look like the Possessed Girl (For Halloween)

Hello. This post is going to show you how to makeup look like the Possessed Girl (For Halloween). If you want to attend Halloween party of this year. Please try this look.

All you need is list below:

1) Makeup Foundation
2) Makeup Powder
3) Eyeliner Pencil (Black)
4) Eyebrow pencil (Black)
5) Eyeshadow (Very Black)
6) Eyeshadow (Purple)
7) Face painting (White)
8) Fake blood
9) Color contact lens (White)

Please follow the step as below photo and good luck

Step 1:
Apply makeup foundation all over your face and neck

Step 2:
Set your makeup by applying makeup powder (And neck too)

Step 3:
Try  to create a eyeliner (Upper and bottom line)

Step: 4
Create brows

Step 5:
Fun part has start :) Try to create a line like the photo below by eyeshadow black color (I mean very very black)

Step 6:
Create the line along to your neck like the photo below

Step 7:
Create a round shape on your middle of your neck like the photo below

Step 8:
Apply purple eyeshadow color on the line that you created just now (Refer to photo below)

Step 9:
After that, please apply face painting (White) on your face like the photo below

Step 10:
Apply on your lips too

Step 11:
Create a line on your neck too like photo below

Step 12:
Try to create a crease by black eye shadow color like this

Step 13,
Use the same black eyeshadow color to create the "teeth"

Step 14,
Also use the same black eyeshadow color to fill all of your neck like this (Make sure they are very very black)

Step 15:
Create the shape of the teeth by face painting (White). Please create them a very sharp and spike so that it look scary

Step 16:
Apply fake blood on your eyes area, face, lips, neck.

Last step:
Wear white contact lens. So that it look more scary and terrifying.

That's all for this post. I hope you guys love it. Please share this post to your friend and family. Good luck and had fun in Halloween party.

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