Sunday, February 19, 2017

How to create eyebrows

Hello beautiful. Welcome back to my blog. This tutorial is going to show you how I usually create my eyebrows. There's many different style of brows. I usually like to create Korean brow(straight brows). It's depend of you which style you want. As long as it suit you.

It's been long time I stop to use eyebrow powder. I think I change it to eye shadow powder since last year I guess. Make sure the color is suit your hair, powder that with no glitter shinny or metallic. And you can start to create a beautiful brows. 

Let's start.

You'll need:

1) Eye shadow powder / Eyebrow powder
2) Brow brush
3) Eyebrow mascara

Step 1,
Create a line at the top of brow like this first.

Step 2,
And then start to create a ending point.

Step 3,
Blend it well. Added some powder if need.

Step 4,
Make sure they look straight. Keep look at mirror so that it won't be any mistake.

Clean and wipe by finger if done any mistake. (Or you can use cotton bud)

It's done on my right side of brow.

Now it's turn to my other side of brow now.

Blend it well.

Try to look at mirror with different angle. Make sure they are straight look.

It's done.

Step 5,
Apply eyebrow mascara. Make sure your brows are same color with your hair color. Skip this step if your hair is black.

It look better after coated with eyebrow mascara.

It's done.

Before-after photo.


- For beginners, please practice more and don't give up.
- Please look at mirror while do this step to avoid done any mistake

That's all for this tutorial. I hope my tutorial is helpful and useful for you guys. Stay pretty and have a good day :)

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