Saturday, February 18, 2017

How to apply makeup foundation

Hello beautiful :) This post is going to show you how to apply makeup foundation like I usual do daily. If you know about me, I put makeup EVERYDAY! Apply foundation is very important to us, which is make you to look more confident (covered all dark sports, dark circle, uneven skin tone and etc). A beautiful makeup can't be perfect without makeup foundation. 

So let's started. All you'll need:

1) Liquid foundation
2) Your fingers (lol)

This is my look before apply makeup foundation

Step 1,
Pour some liquid foundation and apply them on your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, (Please refer photo below)

Step 2,
Blend it by your clean fingers. You can use makeup sponge or brush if you want. Make sure all blend well and even skin tone look.

Step 3, 
It pretty much it. All you need is you hand-palm to press you skin like photo below. This way can make your liquid foundation adsorb and long lasting.

Press your forehead area.

Press your cheeks.

Press your mouth area too.

It's done.

Before-after photo.


- Make sure your skin is moisture before apply foundation. Example: Facial mask. So that your makeup can long lasting.
- To prevent pop out many acne. Please make sure your finger/makeup sponge/makeup brush is clean. Get away from bacteria. Wash your makeup sponge daily.

Wish you all stay pretty :)

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