Sunday, February 19, 2017

How to apply loose powder

Hello beautiful. Thanks for drop by. This tutorial is going to show you how I apply loose powder usually. There's other method of this step, it's up to you. You can set your makeup by compact powder. But this post I will use loose powder to set my makeup.

However, please do this step after apply liquid foundation and concealer. What benefit of loose powder is can make your makeup long lasting, can stay whole day long. Learn this step if you hate seeing your makeup being smudge. 

You'll need:

1) Loose powder
2) Compact powder

Step 1,
I will apply loose powder start with my under eyes. I do this because to prevent appear wrinkles easily.

Next I will apply on my mouth area. Make sure apply evenly.

After that, I apply on my cheeks area and whole face. Make sure all applied and look matte.

Step 2,
Lastly, I use compact powder to touch-up a little bit. Firstly, on my eyes area.

Next, I will compact powder to touch-up on my nose area.

After that, touch-up around you lips too.

And it's done.


- Make sure your loose powder and compact product is a good quality. I use cheap product before and I don't suggest you guys to use the cheap makeup product at all, because it easily smudge.

That's all for today :) I hope you like my tutorial. Thanks for your stay. 

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