Sunday, February 19, 2017

How to apply lip

Usually I like to apply lip glaze instead of applying lip gloss. But sometime I get bored of lip glaze, which is look matte all the time. I need something shinny and glitter, so this tutorial I will use lip gloss. Lip gloss also is a important too if you travel to winter country, make sure your lips keep moisture. Let's start!

You'll need:

1) Lip treatment
2) Lip stick
3) Lip gloss

Step 1,
Apply lip treatment all over your lips.

Please keep your lip moisture.

Step 2,
Start to apply lip stick.

Apply your favorite lip stick color. Just follow your heart.

Step 3,
Lastly, coat with lip gloss. And your lips look shiny and juicy.

It's done.


- You can try different color of lip, but please try to avoid red lip stick, because you will look old/mature with that red lips look.
- Scrub your lip before do this tutorial if you wish.

That's all for this tutorial. I hope my tutorial is helpful and useful. Please stay pretty and have a nice day :)

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