Sunday, February 19, 2017

How to apply fake lashes (upper and lower lashes)

Honestly, I seldom apply fake lashes for my daily look now. But I do this often when I was young, which I apply fake lashes like almost everyday makeup, crazy right? So now I definitely has enough experience for applying fake lashes. 

You will found out that you will look different after apply fake lashes, which is look prettier. If you had a photo shoot, you really need fake lashes so that you look perfect. Please follow this step, let's start.

You'll need:

1) Lashes glue
2) Fake upper lashes
3) Fake lower lashes
4) Curler lashes

Step 1,
Apply lashes glue on your fake lashes before place them on you eyelid.

Look the different. I love the look after apply fake lashes.

Please do the other side of your eye too and wait them dry.

Step 2,
Curl your lashes after placed the fake lashes.

Upper fake lashes is done.

Step 3,
Cut your fake lashes in half. Apply lashes glue and wait for a second before place them on your lower lid.

Step 4,
Apply mascara on your lower lashes.

Do it the other side too.

Don't forget to apply mascara

It's done.


- Please use a good quality fake lashes instead of using cheap fake lashes to prevent hurt your sensitive eyes.
- Please use waterproof mascara

That's all for this tutorial. I hope you like it. Stay beautiful and have a nice day :)

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