Sunday, February 19, 2017

How to apply contour

Hello pretty :) Welcome to my blog. This post is going to show you how I apply contour and shadow for my makeup. Actually I seldom do this for my daily makeup, maybe for photo shoot or video shoot will do. The most important about contour/shading is do not apply too harsh (overdone). Otherwise, it will look like dirty on your face. 

So let's get started.

You'll need:

1) V-Face Duo Stick
2) V-Face Duo powder

Step 1, 
Please apply contour with V-Face Duo Stick like this

Step 2,
Use finger to blend it out. (You can use makeup brush if you want)

This is how the look like after apply contour/shading on your face

Step 3,
It's not over yet. Please use V-face duo powder to set it.

Create nose shading.

Your cheekbone.

Your jawline.

Your cheeks.

Your chin.

Your nose tip.

It's done.


- I suggest to use Maybelline V-Face Duo stick and powder for this step. Because very easy to use and suitable for beginners.
- Don't worry if you done any mistake. Please covered the mistake part by makeup powder.
- In my opinion, this step(contour/shading) is not suitable for daily makeup/everyday look. It suit for photo shoot, video shoot, ceremony, cerebration, activity or special day only.

That's all for today :) I hope you guys enjoy my post. Stay pretty and happy.

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