Saturday, February 18, 2017

How to apply concealer

Hello beautiful :) This post is going to show you how I usually apply concealer. If you know about me, I put makeup EVERYDAY. I hate my dark circle :( So I cannot live without concealer. Dark circles make you look tired, which no one want to see that. I bet everyone want to see beautiful you :) 

So let's start. You'll need

1) Concealer
2) Your finger (Makeup sponge, makeup brush also can)

This is my look before apply concealer

Step 1,
Apply concealer under your eyes, nose and around mouth like photo below:

Step 2,
Blend well. (You can use makeup sponge or makeup brush)

It's done. My dark circle and dark spots are disappear :D

Before-after photo (Close-up)

Before-after photo (Full face look)

This is how I apply concealer :) Easy and quick. I hope my post is helpful and useful for you. Stay pretty and good luck :)

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