Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Cute hair style tutorial (Braids)

Hello beautiful girls :) This tutorial is going to show you how I create this cute hair style ;) I love braids, because it make you look more cuter and prettier. If you don't know how to make a braids, please learn it how ^^ Try to upgrade yourself and step forward with a new hair style. Try something new and find a hair style that suits you. This hair style is for medium hair and long hair. What are you waiting for? Let's start!

You'll need:

1) Tail comb
2) Bobby pins
3) Flat iron (Or iron tong also can as you wish)
4) Hair elastic
5) Hair serum 

Wash your hair and make sure your hair is completely dry.

Step 1,
Please separate two section of your hair like the photo below:

Step 2,
Please leave your hair on the side of your face like photo below:

(If you don't have any hair on the side of your face, so please skip this step.

Omg my bangs is getting longer. Ok, next step.

Step 3,
Use tail comb to separate your bangs like photo below:

(Skip this step if your bangs is long)

Step 4,
Set your hair by bobby pins. (I probably use 2-3 pieces of bobby pin)

Done. I have see-through bang (空气刘海 ) now

Step 5,
I use hair flat iron to set my bangs.

Set my hair on the side of my face too.

Please do the same way to other side too with your patience heart.

It's done. Ok, next step...

Step 6,
Clamp a 1-2 inch hair section .

Curl your hair start from middle of your hair.

Roll it slowly.

And roll again.

And then pull it to the end of hair slowly.

And it's done.

Here the video how I did this.

And do the same way to your whole end hair section by section.

Step 7,
Braiding. Start from top of your hair.

Do it with your patience heart.

Do it until behind of your ear like photo below.

Here a video show you how I do this step.

Set your hair with a hair elastic.

It's done. Ok, next step...

Do the same way to other side too.

Tie it up.

Step 8,
Try to pull a little bit of your hair like photo below:

Here a video to show you how I did this step.

It's done. Ok, next step...

Step 9,
Pour some hair oil serum on your hand-palm.

Apply on your hair like photo below:

Apply on your hair (side of your face)

Don't forget apply on your bangs too.

It's completely done :D


- Tell you secretly, I also will do this hair style if I didn't wash my hair. In this way, no body will found out that you didn't wash your hair for days.
- You can leave your hair like this with straight hair if you like. 

That's all for this tutorial :) I hope you guys can found out what you want. Please stay pretty and have a nice day everyone :)

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